Meet the Farmers

Justin and Rita with their 5 home-educated children farm in the Mallee of South Australia. Their philosophy is simple: "Our farming methods reflect our desire and commitment to provide a safe and sustainable place for future generations."

Justin is a Fourth generation Mallee farmer, and Rita is from organic farming background in central Queensland. Together, they have developed a specialised farming system to suit the delicate Mallee environment, thus ensuring a balance of production and maintaining ecology.

Dedication to organics began for the couple over a decade ago when Justin's health necessitated changes. His personal journey with severe chemical sensitivity makes him committed to producing 100% natural, chemical-free meat available for others to enjoy. Justin and Rita mentor other farmers who are taking steps into Certified Organic Farming practices.

"We care about the soil, because we know that Healthy soil = Healthy plants = Healthy animals = Healthy people!"

Kinmana Organics is based on the belief that their customers' needs are of the utmost importance. As a result, a high percentage of their business is from repeat customers and referrals. Justin and Rita would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best value in the industry.

Meet the SA Distributors

Mark and Rebecca Maidment are now the Exclusive Distributors for Kinmana Organics in South Australia. Mark and Rebecca join the Kinmana Organics family, with Mark being a third generation SA family butcher, having qualifications in Meat Processing and smallgoods manufacturing.

The team at Maidments Meat service have been cutting and preparing Kinmana Organics' orders for over 3 years, and specialise in "old fashioned" customer service.  Their local reputation for quality and service is second to none. 

Mark's personal special interest is in organic, chemical-free, natural smallgoods. His health necessitated a lifestyle change for the better.

His passion is in developing products that are pure, organic, healthy and fresh! This passion is fuelled by a lack of understanding in the smallgoods industry. The effects that the chemicals used in small- goods manufacturing are having on it’s consumers inspires Mark to produce top quality products. His products are suitable for people who eat Paleo diets, suffer from allergies, eat gluten-free, etc.

 Mark and his team will see you at the Organic Corner Store Market on the first and third Thursdays of each month. Make sure you have time to stop and chat to them about the products they have on offer.

Meet the Chickens

Our Sommerlad heritage-breed chickens are a "very special chicken".
They are old-fashioned, take longer to grow, have more care, more space, more texture, more taste!

We care about transparency, provenence, high welfare and food miles.
Your chickens are Certified Organic on farm, PROOF certified and grown right here at Marama in South Australia!

Remember when chicken had incredible flavour?
And the texture of the meat was firm, had even fat content and strong frames?
There was no SOY or soy by-product in the chicken feed?
And the chickens were free to range, scratching and pecking bugs and grubs?
And animal welfare was on the top of the list: not high-profit, high-turnover sheds of meat birds?

Meet the Sheep

Careful selection and on-farm breeding of Dorper sheep ensures minimal intervention – they don’t need shearing, crutching and mulesing, and are disease resistant. The Dorper breed have excellent lambing percentages, feed utilization and conversion and thrive in our South Australian climatic conditions.

The Dorper ewe is very protective of her young. There is no need for human intervention at lambing time, and she produces a large quantity of milk, helping in survival and early growth of the lamb. The Kinmana Organic livestock are treated with natural and organic methods for animal health.