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  • 100% Grass Fed Lamb


    Kinmana Organics Farm Update

    At Kinmana Organics health is our highest priority, health of our animals and of our customers. Our lambs are 100% grass fed and finished.
    Click here to learn why 100% grass fed is superior to partial grain fed. 

    Justin and Rita share how they ensure their lambs are 100% grass fed all year round.
    We ensure that only the youngest ewes are producing lambs for the coming season.  The lambs are at the correct age for continued growth on pasture only. To extend the amount of pasture at this time of the year and with the lengthened dry Autumn, we are currently hand-feeding the lambs extra nutrition in the way of sprouted barley biscuits. The sprouted barley biscuits are made in our on-farm Fodder Factory, from barley grown last season on our farm.

    Our Fodder Factory produces over 500kg per day of certified organic sprouted barley biscuits. This will be used over the next few weeks until the pasture has full cover of native grasses, primrose, and clover. Feeding the 800 lambs is a family event every morning; we all get involved with the unloading, washing down and re-filling of the trays.  Then we take the trailer load of luscious green barley sprouts to the lambs. The lambs are ready to meet us and wait for the tasty treat! 

    The barley, once sprouted, changes from GRAIN to GRASS, and is at peak nutrition on the 6th day of growth, when the sprouts are harvested and fed out.  The sprouts have a crude protein percentage of 20.2% and studies have shown that barley grass increases the overall health of livestock through better digestion and immunity.
    We do not ever feed grain to our livestock, and this has been one of the first questions new customers ask us over the years. Grain fed directly to ruminant animals poses problems with digestion and health for both the animals and the consumer, this is why we ensure our lambs are 100% grass fed and finished.  

    Unloading the sprouted barley biscuits

    Competition for the nutritious sprouts!

     Until next time, we hope you enjoy the organic and sustainable meat available on our website.

    Justin & Rita, Jacinta, Cameron, Larissa, Tameeka and Hayden

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