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  • December 2016 Farming Update


    We have just starting our 2016 crop harvest, and would like to share some photos with you.  

    Have you looked at our facebook page lately?

    Here's some Farming highlights and photos since we last updated you:

    Late September: green manured lupin/cereal/natural pasture mix: a perfect living compost for soil improvement, increasing soil organic matter, restoring soil and pasture health. Our sheep are well conditioned this year due to the abundance and quality of the sweet Mallee pasture.

    October: the crops looked amazing due to the wonderful winter rains and soil conditioning. Hayden (our 5y.o.) is in the wheat & lupin crop. Lupins below, forming pods. Justin standing in the tall rye crop. Larissa admiring the wheat.

    November: we attended the Nassa "Into the Future" Organic conference in Hahndorf, SA. This year is is the 30th year since Nassa's commencement. Kinmana Organics donated lamb for the Celebration Dinner, held at the Seasonal Garden Cafe in Hahndorf.

    Justin is checking the wheat to test if harvest can begin! Our rye crop was damaged by the hail-storm mid-November, snapping the stems to half, and losing the grain to the ground. Farming is about resiliance!

    December: Our harvest has begun. Most of our wheat will be sold this year as feed to Organic Dairy farmers and Poultry producers. The barley crop is already safely stored for producing "barley biscuits".  Click here to see how we grow living sprouts for drought-proofing our farm livestock! 

    Something for you to know: Do you know why Kinmana Organics' don't have the "Certified Organic" logo/sticker on our packaging?  

    Here's the details:

    1. Our farm (soil, crops and livestock) are all 100% Certified Organic.

    2. South Australia currently has only one Certified Organic Abattoir, situated at Two Wells, which is approximately 3 hours drive from our farm.

    3. Our choosen abattoir and Butcher is located at Strathalbyn, in the Fluerieu area of SA, close to Adelaide and transport to interstate. This helps keep the cost of food miles lower!

    4. The abattoir is currently not a certified organic processor. However, our livestock are processed under our "Process Flow Chart", following closely to the Organic Standards for humane slaughter and carcass identification.

    5. This means for you, the consumer, we have done our very best to bring to you an organic product, grown with your health in mind!

    Something for you to read:  Nasaa's new website is a wealth of information. 

    Click here for some consumer awareness

    Something for you to do: Become part of the awareness generation of consumers who are asking questions about...

    Who grew my food?

    What's in it?

    Is it slowly grown, as nature intended?

    How has the soil been cared for?

    Genetics of the livestock/crop/grain?


    GMO free?

    Hormones? Antibiotics? Synthetic ingredients? 

    Sustainability? New "fashion statement", or actually carried out in practice?

    Thanks for reading and sharing our journey to bring you pure, ethically raised products. The welfare of our livestock, the people and our environment and the use of certified organic principles are at the heart of all we do. 

    Justin & Rita and family.

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