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  • Farmers Are On The Front Line in 2020



    Can you believe it’s halfway through April 2020 already? It’s been a long time since you’ve heard from us. We’ve been very thankful for your patience in waiting for us to be in touch. The messages, emails and phone calls to see how we are doing during tough times has surely encouraged us! Thanks for your care!

    What are the three key words in your household at the moment? We are trying out topics like: Re-generation, Frugal and Resilliance! Keeping positive attitudes, and trusting that we will be protected and defended while we are here on earth.

    “Life’s short day will soon be over”

    What are we all doing to spend our time wisely?

    So why the absence of communication? Sometimes important things give way to the necessary and MORE important things! Do you know that feeling? Over the past 2 years, we’ve had to pause and re-consider many times where best to spend our time and energy. This also has meant extra workloads, re-allocation of responsibilities and focussing on the things that bring the most joy to our heart.

    For some of you, it might seem a puzzle to take on more work, but during challenging times, it helps to keep a clear focus and positive attitude. We’re still learning new coping skills! 

    “For where there is no vision, the people perish”

    The current “out of routine” world we are experiencing is challenging our trust, prompting choices in every aspect of our lifestyle, and exposing actions and reactions of our mind and heart.

    Despite the world turning upside down, things at Kinmana Organics’ farm are pretty normal. As I write this, the soil is being prepared for the coming planting, the lambs are being tailed, tagged and drafted for meat or breeding, eggs are in the incubator to hatch more delicious Heritage Sommerlad meat birds, the layer hens are producing eggs, the apples and pears are ripening, repairs to equipment is underway, and we continue home-educating our 5 children, (who, by the way, are growing up very fast!). 

    Sales for Kinmana Organics’ certified produce has risen, and we recognise that there is a shift away from demanding only the cheapest food possible (at the expense of health, environment and our farmers) to regenerative organic agriculture, based on empowered and profitable farmers, who serve the health of local communities. 

    We know that farmers are the future of our food supply. The long-term viability of our local communities depends on farmers growing the nutrient-dense food our families need. Our communities are only as strong as the least healthy among us. 

    Offer your gratitude as resilient farmers continue
    on the FRONT LINE of healthy food production.

    Choose your food wisely.

    Click on the headings below to read about what has kept us busy over the past 2 years; the challenges and choices we’ve met and made together as a family and a small farming business in the SA Mallee!


    "Platinum Park", new farmland for Kinmana Organics August 2018
    New and old land 
    Auction, Campfires and Shearing.


    Heading into drought
    Uneasy feelings
    No rain, wind and sand.

    Spring/Summer 2018
    Organic Eggs - NEW logo and labels.
    New Dorper Rams
    Heritage chickens

    Exploring the Murray Riverand Drought Harvest Dec 2018
    Family time and Adventures. Houseboat on the Murray River.
    Drought: what it means to a Farmer
    Where to from here?

    Prepared-ness and Recovery in 2019

    New Egg adventure and "Katham Springs" friends
    Drought Recovery Program
    Some things we learnt in the challenge
    Tree planting
    Family, Friends and Gratitude.

    Harvest 2019 and Drinking straws
    Accident and extra help
    Reaper and Binder of yesteryear
    Bushfires for our friends!
    Summer rain at last.

    The first 4 months of 2020
    Rye Straws
    It's the season!
    World-wide panic, but calm inside.
    Eggs, Eggs, Eggs
    Home-education is the normal
    No more Facebook - new old ways to keep in touch.
    Where can I buy Kinmana Organics' produce?

    Jacinta, Tameeka, Larissa, Hayden (in front), Rita, Justin and Cameron.
    Farm Fair, Karoonda SA April 2019.

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