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  • Late September Farm news


    Beautiful rain, spring lambs, abundance of pasture and a tractor going around the paddock are all things that make a Farmer smile :)

    Justin is using the tandem disc plough this week to turn under our lupin pasture for a green manure crop.  We planted lupins (a legume) for the benefit of fixing nitrogen into the soil for next season's crop.

    Last week, Rita, Jacinta and Kate visited the Wisemans' Certified organic farm at Colleambly, NSW. We travelled with SA's BioAg rep. and a Certified Biodynamic Egg producer from Kangaroo Island. This visit allowed us to see first hand the challenges that other organic farmers are facing and the rewards of producing clean, green, chemical-free, organic eggs, vegetables, pulses and grain. We also visited the BioAg head office and factory in Narranderra.

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