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  • March Special Announcement!


    Special Announcement:
    Kinmana Organics are now handing over our Markets and Delivery schedule to long-standing customers and friends: Kate and Vai. They join our team with a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

    Vai is from 100% self-sufficient and sustainable farming background in the Cook Islands, where what you produce is what you eat! Kate's family has farming experience also, and together they have transitioned to a cleaner lifestyle, and care about quality, ethically produced meat.

    This will mean that Justin & I can spend more time at home on the farm, and be able to put all of our efforts more fully into that very important side of what we do for our customers.

    We feel proud to be part of the Glenelg Organic Corner Store markets, and value the very special friendships we have made over the last decade of marketing our own Organically grown product.  We started out as a Saturday morning "away from the farm" and time together at a Market, getting to know new people.  Now, 10 years on, we have realised that it's time to hand over that part of our business so that our focus can be on production, growth and mentoring other Certified Organic Farmers.

    A big welcome to Kate and Vai, and a big thank-you to our wonderful customers and friends who continue to support us in our efforts to produce and source the very best quality, 
    organic and free-range meats.  

    We're confident that as a team our customers will be well looked after!

    Orders are now open for our second March collection.  

    Orders are for pick up only at Glenelg Organic Corner Store, 
    on Thursday, 17th March.

    Order by Friday, 4th March, 5pm.

    Riverland and Mildura CustomersPlease email us here if you are interested in an order to be delivered to your area on March 18th.

    Have you collected a Market & Delivery Calendar from us yet?  
    Click Here to see our calendar.

    Kinmana Organic Pork cuts are available for purchase at March and April Markets. Cuts available: Leg roast, Medallion Steak, Spare Ribs, American Spare Ribs, Loin chops, 
    Leg steak, and Forequarter chops, 
    Kinmana Farmhouse Pork sausages, and Pork Patties. 

    Pre-orders open now for:

    Kinmana Organic Lamb
    Mandani Free-range Turkey cuts
    Inglewood Farms Certified Organic Chicken
    Please note: over the next few days, we will be adding to our range of 
    Inglewood Farms Chicken products, including BULK ordering.
    Kinmana Organic Lamb Pies
    Susie's Country Kitchen Gluten-free Pies
    SA Free-range nitrate-free natural Bacon and Ham

    See you again soon!
    Justin & Rita Porker
    and Vai and Kate Vaiimene

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