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  • May 2015 Newsletter


    This coming month we will be busy on the farm planting our organic wheat, rye and barley. Our annual tree-planting program has started, and the Mallee has a beautiful green covering!

    May is Lamb Roast month at Kinmana Organics!
    AND, don't forget it's Mother's Day on 10th May!

    Lamb Rump roast - a small boneless roast, tender and perfect for 4-6 people.

    Lamb 1/2 leg roast - traditional bone-in roast, full flavoured and a great family-sized piece, approx. 1.5kg

    Frenched Lamb Rack roast - juicy, tender and delicious!  The rack comes with the "handles" for easy eating!

    Butterflied Lamb leg roast - Boneless, easy carve roast, cooks quickly, and delicious when seasoned.  Can be cooked on the BBQ.

    Forequarter Lamb roast - very tender meat, full flavoured, can be carved into individual forequarter chops for serving.

    Forequarter Lamb boneless roast
    - easy carve, very tender and perfect for a family sized meal, on our website soon!

    Whole lamb on a spit - for that special occasion!

    Don't forget our farm-grown Organic Poultry, too!
    Whole Organic Chicken, Duck, and Goose.

    Organic Beef packs not available until July.

    NOTE: From 1st May, there will be small price increases on some products, and we're sure you'll understand that the rising costs of inputs have necessitated this. Thanks!

    Delivery:   (Please choose at checkout of your order)

    Glenelg: Organic Corner Store, Thursday, 28th May, 9am-1pm
    Prospect, (North Adelaide suburb): Thursday, 28th May, 2.30pm $10.00.
    Hackam, (South Adelaide suburb): Thursday, 28th May 5.30pm $10.00.
    Hawthornedene (Apex Park): Thursday, 28th May, 6.30pm
    Mt Barker: Thursday, 28th May, 7.30pm
    Murray Bridge and Karoonda: Friday, 29th May, 2pm
    Mt Pleasant: To be advised!

    Market day for May:
    Glenelg North Organic Corner Store: Thursday, 28th May, 9am-1pm. (Glenelg North Community Centre, cnr Allison Street and Kibby Ave.)

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