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  • May 2017 Farm News


    May 2017

    This year, we’re seeing great condition in our livestock. The lambs and ewes are doing really well, and happily graze on our natural pasture.


    Our lambs are 100% Pasture raised. The pasture rotations are part of our Organic Management Plan to ensure the soil is given sufficient rest time between pasture, improvement/conditioning and growth seasons.

    Photo: Kinmana Farm Dorper Ewes and Lambs

    Did you know?? We never supplement our lambs or sheep EVER with Hay, grain or silage…. Why?

    -We believe that the Mallee is one of Australia’s best areas for raising Prime Lambs. The natural approach to animal husbandry, careful breed selection, and pasture rotation all form part of the finished product.

    - The natural pastures produce sweet, tender meat.

    - Use of conventional feedlots and “grain-finishing” are not allowed under Certified Organic Standards.

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