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  • Naturally Healthy Sheep


    We are often asked how we address health problems without the use of antibiotics, hormones and other medications. Nature is an excellent provider and we carefully select the right elements to ensure our sheep are naturally healthy.

    100% Grass Fed

    We ensure our sheep are eating their natural diet of 100% grass. No grains at all. None!
    Here's how we provide grass in warmer months
    Sheep are ruminating animals (more then one stomach chamber) and can acquire serious health complications when fed grain.
    Grain Overload in Ruminants
    By avoiding grains we have healthier sheep.

    Breed Selection
    Careful selection and on-farm breeding of Dorper sheep ensures minimal intervention. They don't need shearing, crutching and mulesing as they naturally moult. They are disease resistant and thrive in our South Australian climatic conditions. The Dorper ewe is very protective of her young and she produces a large quantity of milk. The sheep we breed are the result of years of selection of the best breeds for our environment.

    Organic Supplements
    Lambs receive a health tonic of organic apple cider vinegar (with the mother), organic garlic, organic MinKel (minerals & kelp) and cod liver oil. The tonic helps with parasites and overall wellbeing.  As a result our sheep need very little human interference and live a stress free life.

    We always welcome questions about the health and wellbeing of our sheep.

    Warm regards,
    Justin, Rita, Vai and Kate

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