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  • October 2015 News.



    Taste the Difference, Feel the Difference, Make a Difference!

    This month, we've seen little rain and hot dry conditions on the farm. Justin has been busy making hay while the sun shines!  Our sheep and lambs have received Vitec's celebrated natural "Min-Kel" supplement over the past few weeks, aiding in healthy digestion and improved health.  "Min-Kel" is made from 100% natural, organic ingredients: minerals, kelp, omega fish oil, and apple cider vinegar.

    This Winter, we planted over 19ha of native species on our properties, using "Greening Australia" and "Trees For Life" programs.  

    Orders are open for October.  Our new secure online payment system is in place, so now you can order & pay in a few easy clicks. Pre-pay for quick and easy pick up!  

    Order by: Friday 16th Octber 2015.
    for delivery on Thursday, 29th October.

    Organic chicken products available again! Click here to see how we grow them on our certified organic farm. Check out our chicken cuts here.

    NEW! Free-range SA-grown Turkey products now available,click here to check out the new range!

    Certified Organic Beef packs available for October and November ordering only: Meribah 1/2 beef, Nadda 1/4 beef, and Nangari 1/8 beef - click here!    

    Kinmana Organics Delivery Points - choose at check-out:
    1) Glenelg OCS, Thursday, 29th Oct. 9am - 1pm.
    Collect from us and our friendly team at the new coldroom!

     2) Mt Barker, Thursday, 29th October, 3.30pm.
    Please note new delivery point: Keith Stephenson's park, car park.

    3) Murray Bridge, Thursday, 29th October, 5.00pm.

    4) Karoonda, Thursday, 29th October, 6.30pm.

    Note: If you choose to collect from Glenelg, Mt. Barker, Murray Bridge and Karoonda, place your order on our website:

    1)  Please place your order on the Organic Box website.
    Note: the prices per kg of some cuts/packs will be different to our website prices.  You will still be receiving the same quality organic products, and your order will be delivered by Organic Box's Premium Home Delivery service.  The Organic Box website prices represent great value for Organic SA Grown meat!

    2)  Follow the directions through to the check out and secure  payment of your order.

    3) Organic Box will contact you with a delivery time for Thursday, 29th October.

    4) Any invoice difference will be notified by the Organic Box team.

    5) If you have any comments/suggestions, please contact us!

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