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  • Price Adjustments effective 7th October 2016


    To our valued customers,

    It’s National Organic Week! Celebrations continue at Kinmana Organics farm for the wonderful rain we’ve received and the abundance of green, natural pasture and feed for our organic spring lambs!

    Kinmana Organics was born from the requests of the community who sought high quality and affordable organic meat. Our meat is grown with care, integrity and to high organic standards. Currently, we are selling a premium quality product at or below conventional prices.

    The Kinmana Organics team has just completed an extensive pricing analysis. It has been decided that we are not able to viably continue with our current pricing structure.

    The extra costs and time associated with raising our premium lambs need to be accounted for if Kinmana Organics is going to continue to supply healthy organic meat for generations to come.

    As we have previously mentioned, we have been awarded a Food SA grant, and have now chosen Adelaide-based Makrid Priess & Associates to be our business coach over the next 12 months. Marc Makrid has worked with clients such as Maggie Beer, Neutrog Fertilizers, San Remo and Master Butchers. Our business coaching will help us to maintain a small, collaborative team with knowledge and belief in sustainable, organic philosophies whilst managing every aspect to ensure that our product is 100% organic.

    Our lamb price adjustments will take effect on 7th October 2016. This price rise is to ensure organic meat is available now and into the future. We have a strong commitment to supporting health in all aspects, the soil, animals and consumers.
    We will not compromise on quality and are committed to continually providing only the best.


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