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  • Sommerlad Heritage Chickens at Kinmana Farm


    July 2017

    This is what we’ve been working towards!  Our brand new babies have arrived!!  200 Day-old Sommerlad chickens arrived 2 weeks ago and are growing well under the care of Jacinta each day.

     Did you know?? The chickens will be grown in small batches, with a strong focus on Animal Welfare.  Kinmana Organics has just completed PROOF certification, and is your further guarantee of top-quality care!  

    The chickens are free to range, grazing on a diet of saltbush, lucerne, bugs and grubs, seeds, and organic feed. The natural habitat provided ensures a stress-free, happy and healthy life.

    No hormones, antibiotics, growth promotants or chemicals.

    The Maremma pups are in training to protect the poultry from predators - day and night.

    Photo:Alaska, our female Maremma pup, in training

    Photo: Sommerlad Heritage-breed Chickens 2 weeks old

    Photo: Blizzard and Alaska, with the chickens, Kinmana Farm

    Photo: Hello from Kinmana Farm chickens!

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