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  • The Organic story


    Kinmana Organics Annual Audit 

    An independent Certified Organic audit is carried out each year on the
    Kinmana Organics farm.
    This year highlighted the progress we have made in increasing biodiversity due to our 3 year tree-planting project. Thanks to Tree For Life, Murray Mallee Local Action Planning Group (latest news here), Murray Bridge Homeschool group and Greening Australia for their assistance in on-ground works to plant the thousands of native trees

    The annual audit checks all framing systems and produce against the NCO standards. This is to verifiy the traceback of produce and it's origin, to certify that what the consumer is buying is actually 100% free of ALL RESIDUE of chemical, (pesticides, insecticides, germicides, etc), artificial fertilizers; (organophosphates and organochlorides), 
    heavy metals and restricted inputs.  

    NCO have kindly compiled this list to outline the specific standards in relation to residue testing, for your information.

    Kinmana Organics Farm submits samples of soil, wheat, barley, rye, lamb fat, water and wool for residue testing.

    Here's the important bit: When you buy produce labelled with "grass-fed", "sustainably farmed", "pasture raised" and "clean and green", you are being sold something that's NOT CERTIFIED ORGANIC!! Therefore, you could still be consuming heavy metals, chemical residues and artificial fertilisers and other contaminants.

    Here's Kinmana Organics' promise:
    Our farmland, grain and lambs are 100% certified organic. We ensure that our products comply with
    Certified Organic Standards. 

    See our certificate here.

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