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  • Vai and Kate's story


    Kate and Vai met in the Cook Island over 10 years ago. Vai had lived in the Cook Islands for his entire 30 years and spoke very little English. Kate was volunteering from Australia and feel in love with Vai on an impromptu wild food hunt. They left on their scooter with just a machete.The first stop Vai wove a coconut leaf basket for Kate to hold. Vai climbed, chopped, poked, jumped and caught a wide range of foods such as cocoa, custard apple, star fruit and guava to fill the basket. Communication was sparse but they had a mutual appreciation for organic, wild food.

    Vai's family relied on growing tropical crops such as taro, arrowroot, yam and sweet potatoes in order to sustain themselves as well as propagating wild fruits and vegetable such as banana, pawpaw and pineapple. He supported his family by raising and butchering his own meats such as goat, pork and chicken. Vai was raised in a self sufficient lifestyle supported by small scale farming and wild food collection.
    Kate comes from many generations of market farmers in Piccadilly, when produce was taken to Adelaide via horse and cart. Kate has a strong interest in eating for health, having studied raw food diets, elimination diets and healing diets such as GAPS. Kate is very passionate about healing foods including broths and ferments. It was this interest that united Kate and Vai with Rita and Justin at Kinmana Organics. Rita and Justin were instrumental in providing healthy alternatives to mainstream stables such as flour free, preservative free sausage and nitrate free, sugar free bacon as well as healing foods such as minced organs (for easy use) and even chicken feet for making super broth.   

    As the years went by the need came for Justin and Rita to spend more time on the farm and so they asked Vai and Kate if they would like to manage the market and delivery schedule. Vai and Kate said yes and now we have a larger Kinmana Organics family.

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