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  • Winter 2018 Kinmana Farm News


    Sommerlad Heritage Chickens. 
    Kinmana Farm are hatching chickens each week and dedicated to producing and maintaining the rare, heritage breeds for the future of Australian meat bird. Our chickens are hatched, grown, and hand-selected on Kinmana Farm. The Sommerlad Heritage chickens are the only birds in Australia to be bred with a fully traceable heritage that spans generations, with the added goodness of being raised on pasture.

     It’s a small movement… join us in it’s preservation!

       Kinmana Farm 100% Organic Sommerlad Heritage Meat Chickens
    are available exclusively through Maidments Meat Service, Strathalbyn, and sold through our website. These chickens are raised on pasture, PROOF certified Free Range, and fed on 100% Certified Organic feed supplement, made from Kinmana Farm Organic Wheat, Lupins and Country Heritage Feeds' specially formulated concentrate (SOY free, Corn free, GMO free, and also certified organic). The feed does not contain any coccidiostats or antiobiotics.

    Did you know? In South Australia, anyone can grow Certified Organic Poultry, but currently there is no Certified Processing facility. This means that although the poultry we grow is Certified Organic, we are not able to apply our Certified Organic Logo on the packaging! 

    Kinmana Farm Free Range Sommerlad Heritage Meat Chickens
    are now available at The Organic Market in Stirling, SA. 
    These Free Range Heritage Chickens are raised on pasture, PROOF certified Free Range, and fed on 100% SA grown local feed (SOY FREE, Corn free, GMO free, and does not contain any coccidiostats or antibiotics).
    Check out Stirling Organic Market store, café and their abundant array of organic produce available, tucked into Druid Ave, Stirling.

    Know your Farmer, know your Food!

    Kinmana Farm Certified Organic Eggs.
    Jacinta has been caring for the Kinmana Farm Egg laying hens. 

    They are Certified Organic, and PROOF Certified.  

    Available from: 
    The Organic Corner Store market, 1st Thursday of each month, and
    The Organic Market, Druid Avenue, Stirling.

    New layer hens are growing up now on the farm to step into their “big sister’s shoes”.

    Jacinta drives the motorbike on her morning and night checks, 
    and sings as she feeds and tends to them! 

    collects the eggs, packs and weighs them all by hand, carefully inspecting each one. The hens have a special bond with her, too, running to greet her when she arrives!

    Click here to read Jacinta's story, published in our Jan. 2018 Farm news. 

    Sheep and Lambs

    The Sheep and lambs have done really well this past season. 
    The team here at Kinmana Farm carefully hand-select each week the best lambs for sale.

    Compost and Cropping

    The crew here on Kinmana Farm have been busy with compost making, spreading, working it into the soil, preparing for the cropping season. It’s become an integral part of our care for the soil, nutrient cycling and building an environment for the micro-organisms that are so important to plant health, animal health, and down the track… human health!! 


    We have had three tractors and drivers working back our fallowed land, ready for a clean seedbed.
    Wheat, Barley, Rye and Lupins have now been planted during the last lunar cycle. 
    Planting by the moon helps the vitality of the seed, plant and produce!

    NEW things happening at Kinmana 
    New Logo, New Branding, New Organic Certification, the same Quality Product you’ve trusted since 2005! We've had professional photographs taken on the farm in June... you'll see them soon on our website and on our facebook page!
    Watch for our new labels soon and be sure that the team behind the label is dedicated to bringing you pure, honest, organic and healthy produce for you and your family! 


    New Sommerlad Recipe cards… Ask for yours when you next purchase a Kinmana Organics Sommerlad chicken product!

    Who doesn’t love trying something new….. or trying something old that we’ve rediscovered? The Sommerlad chicken has a depth of flavour that is second to none, firm, dense texture and superb skin crispness. You don’t need fancy, hard-to-buy ingredients, or lots of time-consuming steps. Keep it simple, and serve with fresh in-season organic vegetables. Then for the next meal, make a side of salad. And the third meal, why not add to a home-made curry casserole, or lasagne? Then, use the carcass for stock! You can also freeze leftover meat in, ready for those in-a-hurry meals!

    Keep warm, Keep encouraged, and Keep putting Organic Goodness on your table!


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