Organic Certification at Kinmana Organics

An independent Certified Organic audit is carried out each year on the Kinmana Organics farm. Stringent organic certification and inspection requirements by AusQual Certified Organic guarantee the consumer receives only the highest quality produce. AUS-QUAL Pty Ltd and its parent company AUS-MEAT Limited, does not charge any levies, royalty or logo usage fees. AUS-QUAL fees are not hinged on businesses income.

The annual audit checks all framing systems and produce against the Australian National Standards. This is to verifiy the traceback of produce and it's origin, to certify that what the consumer is buying is actually 100% free of ALL RESIDUE of chemical, (pesticides, insecticides, germicides, etc), artificial fertilizers; (organophosphates and organochlorides), heavy metals and restricted inputs. Periodically, Kinmana Organics Farm submits samples of soil, wheat, barley, rye, lamb fat, water and wool for residue testing.

Kinmana Organic's Certificate, click here
Certification is your guarantee of chemical-free, non-GMO food.

Here's the important bit:
When you buy produce labelled with "grass-fed", "sustainably farmed", "pasture raised" and "clean and green", you are being sold something that's NOT CERTIFIED ORGANIC!! Therefore, you could still be consuming heavy metals, chemical residues and artificial fertilisers and other contaminants.

Here's Kinmana Organics' promise:
Our farmland, grain and lambs are 100% certified organic and chemical free . We ensure that our products comply with Certified Organic Standards.

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Supporting South Australian Organic Farmers is part of protecting your air, water, soil and environment.

What is certified organic? What is certified organic? (599 KB)